Climate models

A study assesses the performance of CMIP6 climate models in simulating the slowdown in global warming

May 18, 2021 Led by Dr. Wei and Dr. Qiao of the First Institute of Oceanography of the Ministry of Natural Resources, a new study offers an evaluation of the performance of recently released CMIP6 models in simulating the deceleration of global warming seen in the early 2000s. Warming rate during the rapid warming period […]

Climate variability

Scientists: Climate variability will intensify in the Great Plains | Land and Cattle Post

[ad_1] Cow / calf operations in the Great Plains are likely to be affected by the increased variability in rainfall which supports forage production for 50% of the country’s cow herd. Texas A&M AgriLife photo By ADAM RUSSELL Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Mother Nature has provided increasingly erratic precipitation for the Great Plains over the […]

Climate models

New Research Finds Climate Models Usually Do It Right

[ad_1] New climate research, conducted primarily in San Diego, reveals that a study of Earth’s temperatures during the last ice age confirms some widely held ideas about climate change. Lead author Alan Seltzer, a paleoclimatologist at the Wood’s Hole Institute of Oceanography, studied ancient water as a way to better understand never-before-recorded planetary temperatures. New […]

Climate models

New information on acid formation may help refine atmospheric and climate models

[ad_1] May 13, 2021 Atmospheric acidity is increasingly established by organic acids, such as formic acid and carbon dioxide. The former contributes to the development of aerosol particles as a precursor to raindrops and thus affects the pH of rainwater and cloud growth.. Diagram of the main emission sectors and primary emissions, meteorological and chemical […]

Climate models

Misuse of climate models may pose growing risk to financial markets, experts warn

[ad_1] Could climate change affect your business? According to the authors of an article in the United Kingdom, the misuse of climate models could pose a growing risk to financial markets. The report says that misuse of climate models can give investors a false sense of certainty about how the physical impacts of climate change […]