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Leigh Sales Toasts Chris Bowen With A Simple Question


A Labor MP has failed to respond five times to a simple question about a key part of his party’s policy.

Labor’s climate change policy has come under fire after a key leader failed to answer a simple question about when Australians would be able to buy an affordable electric vehicle.

Last Friday, the opposition unveiled a $ 600 million plan to cut Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions by 43% by 2030 – a pledge the party pledges to create 600,000 jobs and reduce household electricity bills by $ 275 per year by 2025.

Electric vehicles have been a key part of Labor Party climate policy, with opposition leader Anthony Albanese promising tax cuts and incentives.

Buyers would be exempt from paying the five percent import duty on imported electric vehicles and the 47 percent social benefits tax on vehicles supplied for private use.

But when climate change spokesman Chris Bowen was repeatedly asked when Australians could expect to buy an electric vehicle similar in size to the Hyundai i30 – which currently costs around $ 25,000 new – for a similar price, he could not answer.

Leigh Sales asked the question five times on ABC at 7:30 a.m. but didn’t provide a target date, each time giving a roundabout answer full of buzzwords and political details.

“Well, our policy is the reduction of the tax on electric vehicles, the main lever that we are pushing,” he said.

“We have a few policies on electric vehicles, including the electrification of the Commonwealth fleet, which is important because it will then spill over into used sales about three years later, which is very important.

“So we would have 75% of our Commonwealth vehicles … as electric by 2025 …”

Sales were halted in an attempt to get a direct response, saying “sorry to interrupt, just for a consumer …”

His question prompted Mr Bowen to say, “No, fair call. We would cut taxes on electric vehicles and for businesses, we would abolish the benefits tax. Now why does this matter …”

He was again interrupted by the presenter, who asked Mr. Bowen to speak to the average person.

“I just want to know when can I buy an electric car for $ 25,000,” Sales asked.

Mr Bowen again attempted to respond, saying the Labor tax cut would reduce “about” $ 2,000 of the cost of the tariff cut.

“And for a business, $ 9,000 off… And a business is just as important, about 50% of car sales are by fleet and then go back into the used market, so you get electric vehicles. more affordable used. ” he said.

Sales responded by saying that a Tesla Model 3, which costs $ 70,000, would not be an affordable model for the average bettor.

Mr Bowen once again cited Labor tax cuts.

“We are seeing other countries with more affordable EVs available and we want to make these EVs more affordable in Australia by lowering taxes,” he said.

“And then you add some of the government rebates to that… Put that together… you get more affordable EVs. “

Sales have once again tried to ask when Australians can expect to buy an affordable electric vehicle.

” But for how long ? ” she asked.

“Because people have to decide now, ‘should I buy a new car next year? »Do I have to wait five years? When should I buy an electric vehicle ‘.

For the last time, Mr. Bowen did not give Sales a date.

“Our tax reduction would apply from July 1, when we take power. The state rebates are already there, they will start to work, ”he said.

“We have a very low sales rate for electric vehicles in Australia. The lowest in the world, that must change.

“Australians need to have more choice. We want to give Australians this choice by making electric vehicles more affordable. “

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